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Calling All Legend of the Seeker Fans

Are you a Legend of the Seeker fan? Ever wish characters from Robin Hood, Merlin, Castle, Spartacus, Smallville, Xena, or any other of your favourite shows would show up in an episode? Want a way to interact with other crossover lovers who share at least one favourite show (LotS) with you? Want an increase in the number of graphics/fanfic/etc for such crossovers? Then you should join lotsxovers !
lotsxovers  is an interactive community for fans of Legend of the Seeker who love crossovers. There are five teams (SeekersX, ConfessorsX, MordSithX, WizardsX, and RahlX) in which members will be placed. This community hosts a variety of challenges (games, writings, fanarts, etc.) which you will have to finish by the specified time.

There's no limit to crossovers, you can cross ANY show with LotS in our comm.

Sound like fun? Join us here!

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